Manage your daily work
the way you like
Simpliz is a complete solution to manage work of people. It enables cooperation between your coworkers, clients and partners.

Efficient workflow

  • Time for tasks

    One dashboard yet multiple possibilities. Replace e-mails with tasks and enjoy planning every aspect of your work.
  • Discuss your work

    Ask questions and provide answers. Instantly communicate with your co-workers using the discussion feature.
  • Predict all details

    Plan and modify every single aspect of any task. Use a single graph to illustrate time, budget and all details regarding your work.

Perfect communication

  • Work in groups

    Manage all info and tasks. Creating multiple workspaces allows to limit the information flow only to those who are involved.
  • Stay in control

    Timesheets and calendar are not a nightmare any more. Gain full access to the work of others with those features.
  • One tool - one team

    Make your actions transparent to your Clients. You can invite them to join your workspaces and benefit from the quality communication.

Knowledge sharing

  • Files one click away

    Have you ever wondered where are your documents? You do not have to any more. All of them are here, accessible with just one click.
  • Advanced data storage

    Thanks to the storage space you can keep all information in one place. That involves messages and files exchanged with your team. Just Simpliz your work with Simpliz.
  • File management

    Share all types of files within just seconds with anyone you need. You want to make them public or protect them with a password from unauthorized access? With Simpliz you can.

Stay in control and adjust Simpliz to your needs. Learn more about Simpliz!

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