Manage your daily work the way you like

Simpliz is a complete solution to manage work of people.
It enables cooperation between your coworkers, clients and partners.

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Manage your daily work the way you like

Simpliz is a solution to manage work of teams and businesses. It enables cooperation between you, your team members, clients and partners.

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Best Used For

Organizatations that needs various apps

Includes: Teams, Projects, Workflows, Budgets, TimeSheets and many more. Work the way you like.

Any size of team

You can use it as a sole entrepreneur as well as a bigger, composed of many parts organization. It grows with you.


It's build as Api oriented solution. It means you can extend it in any direction while keeping flexibility and functionality you expect.

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We have started alpha testing. All Simpliz's testers during testing period can use it for free.
After free testing period all testers will receive special offer to thank them for their effort.

If you are interested or have any suggestions, pls let us know.

Work the way you like

Work on projects integrally or in workspaces. Just the way you like it!

Add new users at any time

You can add new users at any time with no extra cost!

Manage your job progress

Assign tasks, manage your team and projects. Make it quick and easy!

Manage your expenses

Choose the best plan for your needs. You can always switch between several options.

Focus on reaching your targets

All crucial information is constantly available at your disposal.

Choose the path to future development

Simpliz is constantly being upgraded with new features. We develop it to match your needs!

93% of midsize companies get frustrated with their planning, budgeting and forecasting, as they don't see clearly what's going on.

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You can contact us with anything related to our product and it's development. We'll will respond as soon as possible.

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Warsaw, Poland

Phone: 0048. 502. 604. 732