About product

Simpliz is an integrated set of tools to improve the work of companies, teams and individuals. You can manage tasks and projects, plan work, conduct marketing and sales activities.

Key features

User's panel

Would you like to have all your tasks in one place and do not worry any longer that something can be forgotten or accidentally omitted?

In Simpliz, every user has got the own, dedicated control panel. All issues that are currently dealt with or are supposed to be taken in the future - are placed here.

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The structure of related applications

Are you fed up with non-ending searching for information, contacts or files in many independent places?

Simpliz, thanks to its hierarchical structure, will help you to control it. The associated application system allows you to arrange work according to the specific requirements of your organization.

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Flexible settings

The settings of the system access and permissions, does not need to be complicated or rely on many separate tools. Simpliz is a multitude of business applications with the simplicity of managing access and permissions.

You can easily appoint who can perform particular activities in certain areas.

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