Space to register and control sales activities. Here, you can store the full history of the interaction with customers.

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Run effective sales activities.

Full and complete information on your clients.

Do you need to control the information chaos and concentrate on sales goals? So you need to use a tool that will enable this. Simpliz provides: contact management, gathering and service of sales opportunities, keeping a history of communication with clients. From here, you are able to coordinate the whole sales.


Set your own sales process

Usually, each company develops a sales process based on its own experience and practices applied so far. Simpliz supports this need. In our module, you can configure individual stages to suit the determined process for sales.

Remember about the next steps

At the sales proces, there are many aspects to keep in mind, especially about your obligations towards customers. Simpliz supports the implementation of commitments and their timeliness, in a simple way prompting what activities you have planned for today and which are supposed to be implemented in the future.


Conduct measurements for your activities

Each salesman who wants to achieve success, measures the effectiveness of own sales activities. Simpliz makes it possible. Statistics and reports will help in planning and arranging work to make it as effective as possible.