Would you like to create, for example, any set of internal procedures or any user manual for some issue? This module will allow you to create such repositories.

More Simpliz Modules

Document, update, share.

Create documentation and descriptions

If you need extensive documentation for a given issue, this module is directly created for that. Documents can be stored in the form of related files arranged as a tree. Due to this approach, it is possible to describe any complicated issue - at the same time maintaining the simplicity of reception.


Frequent updates

Are documents created by you the subject of frequent changes and do they need updating? We will help you control it. Simpliz keeps an eye on the full history of changes. In addition, with documents requiring acceptance, you can use the approval mechanism - workflow. What's more, it is also possible to discuss or add and use attachments.

Do you want to share your knowledge?

Each documentation can be easily shared outside. The module is flexible enough that you decide who and to what extent can use it.