The module which facilitates the conduct and control of various projects throughout their duration.

More Simpliz Modules

Complete the entire project by controlling its course from beginning to end.

Registration of project issues

Working on issue is one of the main feature of this module. Here, you can enter various types of issue, assign them to any project participants, view the full history of orders and activities.


Plan project works

Do you plan your own work or the work of a project team for a few days ahead? Simpliz allows this action. In addition to setting the deadlines for completion of particular tasks, you can specify the time when you or someone in your team will deal with the given issue.

Control the budget

Do you want to know if the project is profitable all the time? The module allows you to keep records of all expenses and revenues related to the given project. You can divide individual items into the categories predetermined and combine them with, for example by the entities concerned.


Adjust the way the work is done to your specific needs

Here you can structure the project so that it will be implemented according to your assumptions. Simpliz offers many configuration options. You can set any types and statuses of issues. In addition, you can manage their credentials and processing paths in the way in which issues are processed.