Customer Management

A dedicated solution, ensuring the functionality of the administration panel for servicing SaaS subscription model.

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Control your business, services and customers

Record various issues

From here you can manage: plans, parameters and price lists granted to your clients. If you need to make plans and price lists available to selected groups of clients, for example for promotion or special offers - Simpliz allows you such options.


Manage database of your clients

Each client has got a separate control panel from which you can view all its parameters. You see here: its statuses, plans and their changes, settlements. If you integrate with Simpliz, you can even control the services shared with the client from this level.

Ensure your budget is under control

We enable you to conduct full settlements with your clients in one place. From this level, you are allowed to: charge fees, add bonuses (eg from affiliation) or record payments received to bank accounts. For subscription businesses, you can also initiate recursive fees.