Dedicated module that facilitates the management of the work of a team or the company's department.

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Organise your own and your team's work.

Information about the team's work in one place

How to organize your work in a team and to ensure that everyone knows for what area and task is responsible? Simpliz allows you to create Teams that gather all used modules, tasks and matters to be carried out, in one place. This module gives you the opportunity to view the full list of dependent modules, shows their status, priority and who is responsible for what.


Setting the work schedule

Here, you can check who is doing what. Working groups mean not only marking deadlines for individual tasks, but also planning them in time. Here you will find all the tasks planned by your team members. You can also see topics that are close to the deadline.

Fitting to the team's needs

Does your team really have to adapt to the solutions of software providers? Simpliz offers great configuration options. For example, in the Teams module you can set: types, statuses and priorities of issues. In addition, you can also use workflow mechanism to allow users to assign permissions to individual stages. Simpliz, instead of forcing the need to reorganize the work of the team, allows you to implement and service existing processes.


Store important files and documents in a shared space

Each team uses important files that need to be stored. It's worth keeping them in one place. All files developed in the working group, whether added to the entries or uploaded directly, become available to the entire team. You do not need any longer to waste time on searching important files by tasks'submissions or e-mails.