Time and cost sheets

A solution dedicated to control the time and costs of ongoing undertakings.

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Manage the costs of ongoing work

Control the costs of ongoing work

Simpliz enables the recording and control of project work expenses. Regardless of whether there are works in the "fixed price" model or in the "time and material" model, you can easily control them. Thanks to this, you will know when you are approaching a dangerous point.


Record time and costs

Here, each user can record hours spent on working on individual tasks. These can be also entered from the project module. In addition, you can enter the costs directly incurred here.

Approve expenses according to the workflow

If necessary, it is possible to implement a mechanism for approving hours and expenses. Workflow implementation allows approval of individual items by designated persons.


Settle salaries

Recording of working time in addition to project control may be used to account for the remuneration of members assigned to the project. Simpliz can also support this process. You can use any conversion cost of hours and additionally charge bonuses, settle allowances, etc.