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Dedicated solutions at

Sometimes customers have requirements that are not met by the functionality of standard software available on the market. In such a situation, a solution tailored to the specific expectations of the customer is needed. Then we talk about the so-called "custom development" or in other words about a tailor-made solution.

At we also offer such solutions. We have a solid framework in the form of the Simpliz application itself, on the basis of which we develop modules to meet the specific expectations of our customers. Such work is carried out in accordance with the process described below.


Process of creating dedicated solutions

At, we are working on dedicated solutions as follows:

Stage 1: We set the requirements.

We talk, agree and draw together. We find out what for, why and for whom.

Estage 2. We create a prototype.

In our work we use clickable prototypes in the form of web pages reflecting the appearance of the target solution. We can work in this way because was also built on the basis of this procedure. From the very beginning we have developed a basic library of repeatable components, which can be used in subsequent projects.
Thanks to this approach, we achieve almost full compatibility of the prototype with the solution, which the customer receives at the end. This is a big advantage, and at the same time saves time (and money) for the customer and for us.

Estage 3. We agree on the prototype

On mock-ups we confirm whether what we want to achieve is actually what the customer needs. This is an ideal moment to verify the original ideas and ideas with the vision of the customer. At this stage, we will test whether the requirements have been properly understood and designed in an intuitive way for business. We apply changes and corrections on an ongoing basis.

Phase 4: Creating a solution

What has been worked out on the models is transferred to the team of programmers for implementation. The programmers create all the agreed functionalities and the whole so-called backend + api layer.

Estage 5. Testing

We invite the customer to the tests. Thanks to the fact that the process of creating the solution was coupled with automatic functionality testing - the solution has few errors and with its further development we avoid spoiling what had been realized earlier.

Step 6. We give the solution for use

At the end of the process we put the solution into use and the customer can start using it. At this particular start-up stage, the customer receives a contact guardian, who takes care of quick resolution of any requests and inconveniences.

In this way, the whole process of creating a solution is shortened as much as possible and adjusted to what the customer needs.

If you would like us to work for you in such a way, we would like to invite you to join us.