BlogLet's get to know each other. Our 'Why'.2022-06-01 Simpliz Team

Why do we do it?

I believe that IT solutions should be: more friendly, tailored and simpler. And certainly much better than those currently used in business.

My name is Wojtek. I have been implementing IT systems for nearly 15 years. These are mainly large ERP systems, but there are also smaller solutions. During this time I worked for various clients. There were small projects - for companies with several people, but more often I worked for large corporations or government institutions. I have also been active in the startup environment for several years. 15 years is enough time to draw some conclusions from these experiences and observations.

And these are such that we work very inefficiently.

There are various reasons for this. Poor quality of the used software or non-cooperative systems strongly contribute and perpetuate this state of affairs. I would like to eliminate this.

The constantly changing business environment should naturally direct our thinking towards effective and structured solutions. Rising labour costs, pressure on wages and difficulties in recruiting new employees force the acceleration of two trends. I am thinking of automation of work and the growing tendency of entrepreneurs to employ remote workers. This is very visible in developed countries.

Both of these trends require the use of good, intuitive and at the same time flexible software. The sooner a company appreciates the value of orderly work and implements a system ensuring consistency of actions, it has a good chance of gaining a market advantage. Those who think that the existing solutions are sufficient - and so at some point will have to face the need to adapt. But then change can be much more painful given where our competitors are already.

As the Chinese say. ”When the winds of change blow, some build walls, others build windmills”.

Who do we knock at?

I assume that the cooperation with us will initially be interested in business visionaries who want to stay ahead of trends and look for a competitive advantage. We believe that in our approach and solutions we offer, they will find value for their business. We also want to be a partner for those who want to manage their organization through efficient and integrated tools. If you see a value for yourself in our proposal - we invite you to cooperate with us.